Granular preparation refers to the preparation made of drugs and appropriate auxiliary materials into dry granules. The technological process of granular preparation includes crushing, sieving and mixing, soft material preparation, granulation, drying, granulation and grading, coating, dosage distribution, packaging and storage.

The product particle size is an important quality index to measure the whole granule preparation process. At the same time, the particle size requirements also affect the tablet compression effect and tablet index data. There is a big challenge in the granulation process. Whether the product granularity is uniform is affected by the stability of the slurry conveyed during the granulation process and the speed of spraying. A peristaltic pump with stable flow can greatly improve the uniformity of product particle size, help the production of particle products to be more efficient, and further improve product quality.

1.Why peristaltic pump is selected for granule preparation


In the production of granules, peristaltic pump pumps fluid by alternately squeezing and releasing the pump pipe. Just like squeezing a hose full of liquid with two fingers, with the movement of fingers, negative pressure is formed in the tube, and the liquid flows with it.

The peristaltic pump has the characteristics of high repetition accuracy, strong stability, and convenient flow adjustment. Every revolution of the peristaltic pump, the volume pumped is constant, so the reproduction accuracy of the liquid discharged is relatively stable, which can make the product granularity more uniform.

Peristaltic pump has the characteristics of low shear force, and is an ideal tool for conveying shear sensitive biological fluid. At the same time, the maintenance cost is low. The peristaltic pump has no valves and seals, and the structure is simple and reliable. As long as the pump pipe is a consumable part, no special maintenance is required in other places, the use cost can be effectively saved.

2.Products recommended by Lead Fluid


Lead Fluid BT600S is suitable for granular preparations. The BT600S is equipped with LF-LCD-OS software system, high-definition dot matrix LCD display, industrial facial mask operation, and simple and convenient parameter setting. Driven by high-quality step servo motor, the speed control accuracy is up to ± 0.2%, the flow range is wide, the transmission stability is strong, and high-precision flow transmission can be achieved.

Large twist output, strong expansibility, can match multiple high-performance pump heads; The operating time, intermittent time, cycle times and other parameters can be set to meet the requirements of timing and ration.

Colleagues have the functions of slow stop and backwash of rotating speed, which can effectively prevent the liquid from dropping when the machine is stopped. Stainless steel 304 shell, with double-layer isolation design for the internal structure, and special protective treatment for the circuit system, can effectively prevent the erosion of various organic solvents, dust and moisture, oxidation resistance and easy cleaning.

It can be controlled in the cloud through the Lead Fluid APP software, remotely and real-time monitoring the use status, and has detection functions such as shutdown alarm, pump tube replacement reminder (optional).

The application of peristaltic pump has improved the product quality of finished particle preparation, ensured the extremely high qualification rate of products, good particle granulation and particle size distribution, and improved the working efficiency of particle preparation.

Post time: Nov-08-2022